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Why Startups Move on Up to Coworking Spaces

Everyone loves a good origin story – and a lot of the great startups have a great one; many of us have heard the (somewhat accurate) story about how Apple, for example, humbly began in a garage or how “The Facebook” concept began in the dorms of Harvard University. Now, coworking spaces have become the preferred home base for startups like Uber, Instagram, and a variety of other fledgling and successful small businesses – you’re among good company! If you’re a startup in search of office space or looking into the kind of office rental startup companies thrive in, Venture X Durham-Frontier RTP might just be the place for you.

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Eight Benefits of Our Collaborative Working Space

Collaborative working spaces, which are designed to bring together a diverse group of professional businesspeople in one space and offer economies of scale, come with many benefits beyond cost savings. If you are interested in becoming a member of a coworking space, you might want to better understand the value you’ll get from your investment and what you will gain by your move.

AtVenture X Durham-Frontier RTP, we can ensure that when you choose one of themembership options in our shared space, you will enjoy benefits like: 

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Coworking Space Best Practices

At Venture X Durham-Frontier RTPl, we have everything you need and more when it comes to your coworking and shared office needs, including coworking space best practices. We offer a variety of memberships, from private offices for everyday use to dedicated desks for use as you need them, as well as conference and meeting rooms available on demand. We are located in a modern designed space with an industrial loft design, high ceilings, and even boasts a wellness room for working mothers and other private needs. We are easily accessible and offer many on-site and nearby amenities that will make work-life balance a breeze.

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The RTP Area is Booming & Venture X Durham – Frontier RTP is Here for It

Venture X Durham-Frontier RTP, located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park (RTP) offers emerging businesses, as well as well-established businesses, a place to grow that reflects the collaborative community in the RTP area. From its beginnings in 1959, Research Triangle Park has attracted large tech companies such as IBM and Burroughs Wellcome. Tapping into the area’s three top-tier universities, that include Duke University, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University,

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